Health Care Pending Disaster!

Think our health care system works? Take a look at the attached graph. What this tells you is WE spend MORE on healthcare, over 3 trillion that’s with a “T” on healthcare and get less life expectancy results than other countries.

The entire system is broken. From the monopolies that exist illegally in the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries to the treatments that are given.

Not to mind you the blind eye most doctors turn to holistic solutions for situations that don’t have to be treated medically.

We are screwed, this can not continue, from this aspect to Medicare to everything else involved. You can not have health costs representing close to 18% of your GDP.

The crash is and will come. Medicare will not be available in 3-5 years at this rate as there will be NO funding for it. Time to act is now and with urgency. President-elect Trump I hope you plan to do so.

(graph courtesy of

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Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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