Megyn Kelly To NBC THANK GOD!

It was announced today that Megyn Kelly will be moving to NBC to take on a multi dimensional role at the network, no salary was released.

Now Ms.Kelly can take her cute little smirks, shoulder twitches, winks and go somewhere else.  She has the journalistic ability of a tahitian fly and is nothing but a sexy blonde reading a teleprompter (aren’t most of them, not being sexist some ken dolls out there too!).

I find it hard to believe this woman can make near the 20 million mark when their are brain surgeons making much less.  But alas, that is America today.  Pretty face, nice voice, good following and BOOM you are a star.  Pretty weak if you ask me.

Also, with her move to NBC she will be with more of her left leaning liberals who like to spread fake news.  She will fit right in.

Her show had high ratings on FOX but I believe if you took away O’Reilly in the front and Hannity on the backside she would not have been such a huge success.  And let’s not discuss the mediocrity that CNN and MSNBC offer in that time slot.

So Megyn, goodbye, good riddance and I wonder if FOX will keep her till her new NBC job starts this summer.  If I was Mr. Murdoch she would be DONE.  One commentator on FOX recently who shows some cred and makes her point is Lisa Marie Booth.  I doubt she will get the time slot, my bet is going to Kennedy.  Time will tell.


Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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