Unemployment Numbers

First of all, let me be blunt.  The unemployment percentage you hear from the government on a monthly basis for the previous month’s employment is a cooked and rigged number.

Here is what they do.  If you are looking for a job and STOP looking because you can’t find a job they NO LONGER count you as unemployed.  That’s right you can’t find a job after 6 months you are not counted in the unemployment percentage.

Your status then flows to a non participation rate in the employment number meaning you are not counted and referred to as an unemployed individual.

Boggles my mind how many people do not know this.  The government, and I blame both left and right, is cooking the books so you don’t think things are as bad as they really are.

As of this writing there are approximately 95 MILLION, that’s right, MILLION, people who have stopped looking for work because they can’t find any.  That would put the TRUE unemployment rate at 18-21%, not the 4.9% you hear on the nightly news.

The attached graph (courtesy of market-ticker.org) spells it out.  The participation rate is much worse than it was in 1999 but the unemployment rate is about the same.  Just ludicrous how our government is deceiving us.

The deceit goes much deeper than this, which this site will publish and attempt to explain when available.  Look at the participation rate (red line) verses 1999.  This is a horrible trend means more people are unemployed and not looking.  BUT they are not counted in the unemployment monthly percentage.

This entire thing twists my mind and all I can think about are those ridiculous mind bender questions you used to get asked on the SAT’s.

An attempt at humor, but the reality is the numbers are cooked from top to bottom and I for one because of cooked numbers have started shopping for MRE’s should the food supply stop.  They last 20 years, worst that can happen is you never need them and eat them starting in year 19.

I don’t trust anything the government tells us.  Let me tell you a quick story about that.  A friend of mine who has a friend that works in high level government security once asked said friend what percentage of what the government tells us is true?  This person could not respond vocally because that would be picked up on his monthly polygraph.  However, he could nod a yes when my friend got close to the right percentage.  You know what the right percentage was?  10%, that’s right 10% according to this high level security official of what the government is true.  Makes you feel safe and secure doesn’t it?

The unemployment numbers are just one of many examples.  More on cooked numbers coming soon.





Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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