You have heard of Watergate, Deflategate, there are so many “gates” you could likely give every house with a picket fence one.

But I know introduce to you: “CLICKGATE”

So what is Clickgate you may ask?  It is the phrases, false leading phrases, photos, or other enticements that websites, news organizations, advertisers use, teasers so to speak, so that you will view their article, product, or in many cases lies.

We all have Clickgate disease.  Each and everyone one of us.  How many times have you clicked on an article to find that the premise is false?  How many times have you clicked on a photo to find the photo’s featured are not what you expected?  How many times have you clicked on an advertisement to learn it is some hocus pocus diet, fad, trend etc. ?  And how many times have you clicked on a news article to be told falsehoods, lies and government biased garbage?

We all have Clickgate disease.  The more “clicks” you give these charlatans the more money they charge for adds on their pages, the more money they make and  the dumber we as people look.  I am a Clickgate victim, I click articles on Drudge for example that I really don’t need to know about but do it out of habit.  You all have your favorite sites to do this with I am sure.

But you know what Clickgate does, it keeps us focused on other issues than the real problems we face in our daily lives, the problems and lies our government faces, and the deceit that is being forced on us on a daily basis.  I will start the meeting: ” Hi, my name is Mike and I am a Clickgater.”  The crowd responds:”Hi, Mike”.

We all should do less clicking and more reading on important topics that we face in our lives like outrageous health care prices, a government that hides the truth, and a news media that is manipulated to lull you into a state of calm, or with the weather to scare you into a state of emergency.  Seriously folks, news coverage of weather is out of control.  And I have a weather page for forecasting purposes on the web myself.  “Today you need your jacket it’s going to be cold” What am I five years old?  The dumbing down of America, but I digress.

So, I am making a New Year’s Resolution, I am going to do less clicking so some of these sites will make less money and go away.  Click all you want just beware of what you may find when you do and who may be following YOU after the act is accomplished.

Clickgate is here to stay.  How you deal with this affliction is up to you.  Oh, just found an article on Kim and Kanye’s jewel heist have to click that!  LOL…..Just kidding for sure, I could care less about either of them!




Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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