Thoughts Pondered on Inauguration Day

-Can the actors like DeNiro, Cher, Baldwin, Streep, and more just leave. You support movies at the theaters you support these stooges. Maybe they should form the “Four Stooges”

-Trump is going to be Trump. Accept it. He says it like it is, doesn’t change for anyone and although President will continue to be blunt and direct. The problem: Snowflakes can’t take directness or being told true facts, they would rather deal in Peter Pan land and play with their play doh.

-I hope and pray there exists no video that Democrats are holding on to to bury Trump with after the election. I doubt there is, they would have used that during the election if they had it, but I trust no one and would not put it past them to electronically (hollywood produced) or by finding something that exists. The hunt to bury him does not end today by these charlatans. Hypocrites all of them.

-Do yourself a favor and DO NOT watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN for the news they all are planting anti Trump propaganda for FOUR YEARS, trust me on that one, wouldn’t surprise me if Obama is a consultant. FOX is legit and they are balanced.

-I lost any respect for the Democrats with the mass shunning of the inauguration by one third of their elected officials. Proves they are a disgraceful, self centered, illogical group who can not show respect for the highest elected office in the country. Again disgraceful, wonder if the Clinton’s made a little deposit to their bank accounts to not go? Put nothing past the Clinton’s they are pure evil.

-Have had it with frauds like Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O’donnell, all use their platforms to pump themselves up and voice opinions on issues they have no grass roots knowledge of. And Oprah we all fight with diet issues but we just can’t afford to gain it back and then get paid millions to endorse a company to lose it again, what a freakin joke. (Marie Osmond another one)

-Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Trump serves four years, the country turns around and then his daughter Ivanka runs, and wins to become the FIRST woman President. Hillary’s head would be spinning like in “The Exorcist”.

-Chuck Schumer is an idiot. There I said it, believe it and he has proven it enough said.

-Could Trump have put some Goldman Sachs people around him to get the inside info on how things work and once he gets the lay of the land dismisses them?

-In closing, thank GOD he won, if she had gotten elected I would have looked for a flight to Iceland, or a cave in a mountain in Vermont (Sanders would protect me lol). Let’s hope he can “Make America Great Again!”. I am giving him one solid year from state of the union to state of the union to see if he is true to his word. His actions during the first month will be telling. And trust me demonstrations from these sore losers will not stop, just ignore them, they eventually will go away like that last fly that lingers in your house during the fall.


Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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