Ok Not in best of moods. I have had it!

Why have I had it? I feel like I am sitting in the back of a jet headed into Mount Everest in the back row,the pilot has passed out and all the passengers in front of me have headsets on and are watching a movie. WE ARE GOING TO CRASH INTO A FREAKIN MOUNTAIN AND THESE DING DONGS ARE WATCHING A MOVIE OBLIVIOUS TO THE PILOT PASSED AND NO ONE IS CONCERNED OR STEPPING UP GETTING INTO THE PILOT’S SEAT TO SAVE THE PLANE!

That is the majority of the American Public! Reasons why I have had it are:

-have you listened to some of the speeches that were given at the “Woman’s rally ” in Washington this weekend? Madonna wants to burn down the White House? Yeah, she has done a lot for women with her salacious, provocative videos over the years. She should be brought in and questioned about the threat. If I did so I am sure I would be.

-Ashley Judd’s speech an embarrassment to mankind. You don’t think so? Listen to it pure BS.

-Liberals just go the “F” away. Have had it with liberal media, liberal news, fake news, and your posturing on issues you know nothing about. You pick an issue and try to make it BIG, BOISTEROUS, and ACCUSATORY. Poor, poor liberals so mistreated. You just had 8 years of a do nothing President from your base and he did nothing. What can George Soros drum up next?.

-Trump did not come out swinging yesterday, suppose I am being hard on him but he has not enforced the law on monopolies to eradicate the health care problem we face. What he did yesterday was meager compared to what needs to be done. Medicare should NOT BE BLOCK GRANTED! Instead the health care and pharma companies should be disbanded and open state border competition should be allowed for healthcare. Also, doing this should drive prices down and your insurance should only cover catastrophic illness. The hospitals, doctors and like should charge what is fair and equitable based on everyday illnesses and pure costs. One’s that don’t, competition will force prices down. PERIOD. President Trump you are failing this if you do not do the above.

-Had it with people that drive like morons on the interstate and when you pass them they are on the phone, doing makeup or chowing down a Big Mac and not paying attention to what they are doing: DRIVING A VEHICLE THAT CAN KILL SOMEONE. Comforting.

-Had it with Kelly Anne Conway and the rest of the Trump minions talking about what they are going to do. START DOING IT. Again I know only in office for two days. Call me impatient. If I wanted patience I would have been a doctor……lol.

-This country is on a road to disaster and no average Joe wants to wake up and realize it. Too busy going to the package store, watching sports, Housewives of Beverly Hills. The average American just wants things fixed but wants to make NO SACRIFICE to fix it ….yeah that will work.

-Maybe it’s the weather ( I do love snow and this winter is a bigger screw job than the My Pillow!), maybe it’s the attitude of those I come in contact with, or maybe it’s me for educating myself over the years.



Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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