When is ZUCKERBUCKS Held Accountable?


Facebook Live continues to be an outlet for gruesome crime

On Tuesday, two journalists were shot dead during a Facebook Live stream in the Dominican Republic. That afternoon, Facebook Live captured a separate incident where a two-year-old child and 26-year-old man were shot dead and a pregnant woman was critically injured.

The grim toll: Earlier this year four teens kidnapped and tortured a disabled teen and streamed it live. These incidents are just the latest in a string of similar murders and gruesome crimes taking place on Facebook Live last year:

  • In March, a Chicago man was shot in his home.
  • In June, a 28-year-old Chicago man captured his own murder.
  • In June, an ISIS terrorist killed a Parisian police officer and his wife and then threatened their terrified three-year-old.
  • In July, a shooting spree against three men hanging out in their car in Norfolk, Virginia, which left one of the victims critically injured.
  • In July, a woman in Minnesota captured her finance’s death when he was shot dead by police.

(above courtesy of axios.com)

How a media outlet like Facebook can get away with the above with no government or police intervention is beyond me.  Zuckerbucks really could give two turds about this happening or his genius or underlings would come up with a way to stop this.

I use Facebook but if this keeps up will be pulling out of it real soon.  Facebook has also become nothing but advertisers, and snake oil salesman posting on this alleged personal media post forum.  It is going to see it’s demise as more people pull out because of the above nonsense. You can easily start your own blow through Word Press and avoid all the BS facebook mixes in with your posts, which I have done in the past two months.


Get your act together Facebook, Zuckerbucks has made his money the reason why he shows NO SENSE OF URGENCY on getting the above fixed!


Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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