President Trump keep up the Rallies!

capturePresident Trump needs to keep doing rallies like the one in Melbourne, Florida yesterday so we know what is really going on. He has accomplished more in 30 days than Obomba did in 8 years, really I am serious. See this President is involved with his cabinet and they get CLEAR DIRECTION.

Regarding the media, most of them not all, GO TO HELL. NYT Times runs a piece this morning saying Trump is our Putin. Why don’t they just close up and go away? Worthless rag vacant of honest balanced journalism, for that matter all major networks are with the exception of FOX.

But you see these media companies will survive because you have about 45% of the electorate that gobble up their fake news like hogs to a feeding trough. Yes I am talking about Democrats, and the infamous Snowflakes, and those that live in cocoons of a life.

They are more hell bent on proving they can make noise and act like fools than they are on correcting the problems of this country. Imagine what could get accomplished if these Kool-Aid drinkers actually woke up and REALIZED bi-partisan approach to the nation’s problems is the answer to make America the king. Actually if you think of the Kool-Aid character, it really does exemplify the Democrats. Bloated on hand outs and hot air!

They won’t go away as long as they have George Soros funding them and a shadow President Obomba knowing the ins and outs of Washington, not going off to pasture but staying involved in stirring the poop pot.

Trump is a fighter, he will not fold, and short of assassination which I fear when he gets close to exposing the elite, he has to continue to bring the true facts to the public in this manner to slam down fake news and the tainted media. I pray the Secret Service does their job because they are going to come after him like they did Kennedy.


Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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