“The Attorney General Must Resign”: Pelosi, Top Democrats Calls For Session’s Immediate Termination

“Jeff Sessions lied under oath during his confirmation hearing before the Senate. Under penalty of perjury, he told the Senate Judiciary Committee, ‘I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians.’ We now know that statement is false,” Pelosi said in a statement. She then added that “The Attorney General must resign. There must be an independent, bipartisan, outside commission to investigate the Trump political, personal and financial connections to the Russians.”

Give me a freakin ( am restraining from saying another word) break!

Who cares if he talked to the Russians. The Democrats are hell bent as painting the Russians as the enemy to start the war drums and I believe this is coming from Obomba.

Pelosi has committed more treasonous things just by her mere presence. She is a vile, liar who will say or do anything to get face time and make herself look like she still leads the Democratic party.

Old wench needs to go away, she is like the corporate version of Rosa DeLauro or George Blumenthal, both POOR excuses for honesty, doing what’s right for the people and seeking press time to justify their existence.

The masses are stupid and keep electing these dysfunctional people into office and when the tornado hits and the country is broke don’t look to Trump. Look to these career crap stirrers on both sides, John McCain is one to, of the aisle that could easily by remedied by term limits.

Progress will be hard for Trump with these useless facsimiles of what a true politician that wants to work jointly with the other side to SOLVE THE COUNTRIES PROBLEMS still around. Can he overcome their made up obstacles….time will tell.



Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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