If, after the last several days you do not think there is a shadow government attempting to stop President Donald Trump from “emptying the swamp” and exposing “elite crimes and manipulation” that have been done to this country, the government judicial system and YOU then you are definitely either deaf, DUMB, or blind.

It is obvious to me that there exists a plot to discredit President Trump at every turn and at the same time, there were and still are illegal procedures being done to him. Leaks, conjured up accusations, and outright character assassination come to mind. Obama was notorious for doing these things just look at the prior 4 years record.

The Justice department is trying to throw a coup of sorts by not actively investigating ALL THE ACCUSATIONS THAT HAVE BEEN MADE. Comey is in on the plot, hence no prosecution of Clinton and his statement today that the bugging of Trump Tower should not be investigated. This is the reason they don’t want Sessions in there because he will dig and find the fleas and maggots that are part of that department.

If I was Trump I would have the entire White House swept for electronic devices that “casually” were left behind and would put any remaining employees that are holdovers from the previous administration in the White House, Pentagon, or Justice Department in those facilities hallways with just a seat and no computer or desk. Don’t fire them, pay them and let them sit in the hallway daily with no access to ANY information that pertains to the current administration. Trust me after three days of that they will quit!

The reason Trump stays non specific on many issues is he wants to find out who these weasels are and expunge them before he puts his policies into motion. And he also wants to not show his hand to the elites who will quickly find a way to undermine him.

This is dicey stuff that could result in a dismantling of our government in hours if the wrong people get authority. I am not kidding THIS IS SERIOUS!

Imagine what our enemies and allies are thinking about this country right now. And by not investigating ALL accusations COMPLETELY and account to the American public the findings, our enemies are perched to do whatever they want.

Sorry if you read this and don’t believe it, trust me things better settle down quickly with accountability to all parties involved or we are a stones throw away from Martial Law and cities that are on fire. Americans that voted for Trump have had it and this just proves that our government does not want us knowing how it really works. It’s crooked, criminal, and for the few that have money.



Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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