MSNBC – Morons Screaming Nonstop Before Crying!
That is what this network’s call letters stand for. Rachel Maddow is the IDEAL host for the liberal, snowflake, loser demograph right now, so I am not shocked her ratings are up.

You see liberals and snowflakes can’t think on their own, can’t fact dig, nor do they have the ability to discern what is real and what is fake. They have to have a poster child to lead them down the yellow brick road so Maddow is the the new Dorothy!

Donald Trump is TEN WEEKS. that’s right, TEN GOD DAMN WEEKS into his Presidency and they are judging him like he has been there for ten years.

So enjoy your little blip in the ratings Rachel, these libs and snowflakes are not fighters, they lose interest, weaken and go away and so will your ratings, and oh by the way she is far from the KINGPIN of fake news hosting she is portrayed to be:

Total Viewers (Live +SD)

Total day: FNC: 1.773 | CNN: 937 | MSNBC: 1.311 | HLN: 236
Primetime: FNC: 2.934 | CNN: 1.427 | MSNBC: 2.496 | HLN: 316

There are many other contributors to the BS you see on MSNBS!

Her picnic comes to an end soon, the Democrats will be scurrying to blame someone for Obamacare’s collapse in the next two years, lol, when they are the one’s who put it into law. The libs and flakes will be spewing more fake accusations when that happens.

If you haven’t read my post from yesterday on health care reform I URGE YOU TO TAKE THE TIME TO DO SO! You will have a much different outlook after reading it, I assure you!


Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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