Multiple Topics Today

Several topics today.

If you are a fan of Bill O’reilly his last show was likely last night. He says he is going on vacation but insiders say the Murdochs are doing a complete investigation about the claim from contributor Wendy Walsh and the outcome does not look good. Who does fox put on at 8 if he IS gone? And where does he wind up after 6 months because he will return?

The President’s press secretary Sean Spicer needs to resign TODAY! He has never impressed me, comes across meek and not informed and yesterday’s gaff should be the icing on the cake. He continues to stay, the President will have a week image with this man representing him!

More people now coming forward saying that the “sarin” gas attack was a “false flag”. I said it from the beginning it did not pass the smell test pardon the pun. Sarin would have leveled those rescue workers helping the kids, said it was chlorine all along and I truly believe this did not come from Assad. You lose Assad, look for another country like Iraq without Hussein. How do you think Christians, Jews and other religious faiths will fare with Assad gone? The answer the country will turn into a war zone and thanks to Trump’s missile launch, and I remind you I voted for him, we will end up involved. America First? Were we baited by this guy or does he have the WRONG team of advisers who HE picked. Time will tell!

And word today Seals are training to take out Kim in North Korea, I thought we were no longer going to telegraph our military intents? Contradictions currently abound and if not settled down Trump and we are in for four long dangerous years. I am disappointed in his performance so far but in fairness said I would give him till next February to judge him. This 100 day performance is a load of BS. You can not effectuate change in that short a term so he has till the next State of the Union to prove himself to me, but the missteps have to STOP!


Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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