From….not my words but exactly how I feel: MUST READ!
(caution some inferred swearing but his point is SPOT ON!)

“Comey, like it or not, was Trump’s subordinate. As his boss Trump had every right to expect and, when he questioned whether he was receiving it, directly ask for exactly what he did ask for — honest loyalty.

He didn’t get that from inauguration day forward. I remind you that Hillary’s “email server being wiped with a cloth” did not go away as an issue on inauguration day. Nor did the Russian Uranium deals. Nor did Seth Rich’s death. Nor did a whole host of other potential scandals both in the DNC and RNC.

The so-called “focus” on “Russian interference” is, from all evidence to date, a sideshow. Should it be run into the ground? You bet. But so should all the rest of these issues and as far as anyone can determine exactly none of them are. Further, there are clear conflicts of interest between Comey, some of his underlings and Clinton and Comey failed to do anything about them.

Were Trump’s conversations uncomfortable for Comey? Yep.


Because Comey had, for quite some time, been failing to do his ****ing job.

When those conversations failed to produce corrective action on Comey’s part what would you expect to be next?

In Trump’s position you can’t threaten to fire someone if they don’t cut the crap, because that might be construed as obstruction.

But you sure as hell can demand honest loyalty and if you don’t immediately see corrective action in the form of receiving it you can then fire the person involved, which is exactly what happened.

That would be nice and neat, with the entire sordid episode being able to be tossed into the bin, but for what happened in the hearing.

You see, Comey admitted to not one but two incidents that are at least grounds for instant firing and, I suspect, constitute stand-alone felonies.

First was the “leaking” of material to his “buddy” who then made sure they were published in the press. I remind you that at minimum this breached Comey’s duty to the FBI and his oath of office. But worse, if there was any classified material involved in those “leaks” he also broke the law — period, full-stop.

Second, and at least as serious if not more-so, was that he admitted to interference in the Hillary email investigation by Lynch — and did nothing about it.

I’ve seen arguments that Trump should “let it go” now that (1) Comey confirmed he wasn’t under investigation and (2) that there was no “interference” by Trump. To that I respond with an emphatic NO.

Both of these incidents need to be run into the ground and the chips allowed to fall wherever they may. From what I heard yesterday there appear to be multiple serious felonies involved here both by Comey and a host of other people, including Lynch. For the AG to actively interfere in a criminal investigation is about as serious as it gets in terms of corruption and that must not be allowed to stand.

Our nation is literally crumbling around us because of the lack of the rule of law when it comes to wealthy and powerful people. You get ****ed up the ass daily by this in the medical field, when it comes to so-called “social media” where you are bought and sold without your knowledge, through the so-called “education” system (especially “higher” education) and more. Nowhere is this more corrosive than at the highest levels of the Federal Government and when the AG of the United States attempts to rig an election by interfering with an investigation that should have, and would have, forced Hillary to withdraw a year or more prior to the election you have a serious problem.

That was a blatant and outrageous attempt to coronate someone. It failed, but those who tried it, including Comey and Lynch, need to rot in ****ing prison. Until and unless that investigation happens, in the open, and is run into the ground there is exactly no reason for you to show any respect to the law, to the cops, to the FBI, to the government, to anyone who claims “authority.” The law either applies to everyone and is enforced evenly against all or it deserves no deference or respect by anyone”ComLynchClinton1


Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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