Musings this Friday: LONG BUT PLEASE READ!

– South Korea has population of 9.9 million people, we have 25,800 troops there. Why? That is .0026% of the nation’s population, can’t they protect themselves? Bring the 25plusK home to the states and use them in this country for jeepers, something like border control, help with Chicago crime, airport security, opioid crisis, cripes could go on and on!
– I don’t know about you but i could give a rat’s turd about a handshake between Putin and Trump, we hate them, they hate us, how about working that out instead of saying they shook hands. Big whoop!
– Speaking of President Trump, how come the mainstream media did not properly cover his speech yesterday in Poland. If you have time and have not listened to it, take the time to do so and tell me if that man is imbalanced. I know the speech was written but his delivery was sincere from the heart, Obama go suck an egg (being politically correct here) you never made a speech like that even in this country you fraud!
– Oh, by the way, President Trump took another shot at CNN yesterday. STOP THE PRESSES! He is persistent and will make them a cartoon network before his presidency is done. ( They really already are, Greta Van Susteren got fired! Just the beginning!)
– Saw Vice President Pence on Hannity last night, with Laura Ingrham filling in doing a GREAT JOB, He is supporting Trump 100%, rumors of division between him and Trump? Go play Candyland !
– North Korea has to be dealt with and soon. Am I endorsing the assassination of their leader? HELL YES! If someone had gotten to Hitler early think how many generations would still be alive! My believe is still that Kennedy was killed for various reasons that would have benefited all of us today. No IRS, precious metal backed dollar, etc.. If we, my belief, can kill a president of our OWN country with good intentions why not kill the jack ass in North Korea?
– Have had it with solicitation calls on my cellphone. Go “F” yourself if you call me with that trash and sorry to say will likely be what I say. Have no tolerance for interference by people I have no need to talk to.
– Global warming believers should be taken to Mercury and let me know how hot it is there? Dating myself but from the Trammps ” Burn baby Burn Disco Inferno”…lol.
– I have heard from some people who read me and think I am “nuts”! Well, go do some SOLID HOMEWORK, GET THE FACTS and then tell me what you deduce! Easy to call people something when you are lazy and don’t read, investigate or question!


Author: Michael Miceli

Political, satirical writer on daily events in and outside the political arena. Also, commentator on quirky acts in society.

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