Rand Paul is an IDIOT!

Oh give me a freakin break:

(Well, you can stop with that nonsense now, because Rand Paul has just announced intent to file a bill (which has a bill number, but the text is not public as of the date of this post) that explicitly exempts Health Care providers from anti-trust.

Anti-Trust Reform for Healthcare

Provides an exemption from Federal antitrust laws for health care professionals engaged in negotiations with a health plan regarding the terms of a contract under which the professionals provide health care items or services.

This section applies only to health care professionals excluded from the National Labor Relations Act. It would also not apply to contracts or care provided under Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, the FEHBP, or the IHS as well as medical and dental care provided to members of the uniformed services and veterans.)

(courtesy of market-ticker.org)

Are you kidding me? Let’s just bankrupt all of America and be done with it. Instead of a slow drip on healthcare why not just triple the premiums, doctors fees, hospital fees and the like and make all Americans bankrupt due to the health care process.

The above by Rand Paul shows he is a few nails short of building a house or a few coconuts short of a palm tree. This guy is NUTS!

Have to admit if you are expecting Healthcare reform to BENEFIT you the average American, it is not coming, the lobbyists and life long politicians won’t allow us to get a break. President Trump are you going to take them on or twist your position? Again voted for you but not letting you get away with any change of posture from your campaign. If you show this you are no better than Clinton or your other Republican constituents.


Zuckerberg what a Clown!!!!!!

Zuckerberg Slams Trump On Immigration: “We Should Keep Our Doors Open To Refugees”

Like many of you, I’m concerned about the impact of the recent executive orders signed by President Trump… We should also keep our doors open to refugees and those who need help. That’s who we are…Expanding the focus of law enforcement beyond people who are real threats would make all Americans less safe..”

(courtesy zerohedge.com)

So i know I sometimes due posts on HIS platform but Mr. Zuckerberg would you be saying that if one of your friends or relatives had been killed by an illegal? Would you be saying this if one of your female friends had been raped by one? Would you be saying this if YOUR business had been held up and stripped of money that you rightfully earned

I think your answer would be NO. It is easy for a billionaire who is divorced from reality to come out with these ludicrous criticisms of President Trump when HE is in TRYING TO PROTECT THE FREAKIN average American. This commentary may get pulled on Facebook by the Facebook police, but his comments and recent Facebook broadcasts of rapes and suicides give me pause as to whether you either have LOST control of your business OR if I want to post on a site that has not done it’s homework, or really done something to clean it’s own act up.

I am seceding from the union and forming my own state.

The state’s name will be CLUED PEOPLEKOTA.

I don’t know if you caught the article yesterday from zerohedge.com where the headline read:

(Elites Eying The Exits Signals America’s Crisis

Interviewed as part of an extraordinary New Yorker investigation into growing anxiety among America’s corporate elite over the potential for anarchic social collapse, Institute President Robert Johnson saw his peers’ talk of bolt-holes in New Zealand as reflecting a deeper crisis.

Johnson told writer Evan Osnos of the mounting anxiety he had encountered among hedge-fund managers and other wealthy Americans he knew.

“More and more were saying, ‘You’ve got to have a private plane,” Johnson said. “You have to assure that the pilot’s family will be taken care of, too. They have to be on the plane.)

So the elite are buying property in New Zealand as refuge property, hiring pilots to fly them out at a moments notice and planning to exit in the next four years.

Hmmmmmmm Four years? Didn’t I mention that yesterday that is exactly what they are doing with healthcare? Shoving the can down the road for four more years to be dealt with later.

The elites are going to pillage this country for every freakin dollar they can procure and then flee and leave this country in a civil war between political parties and total chaos will evolve.

Call me “chicken little” but the elite have been setting this up since the early 1900’s and the scare of 2008 made them realize the end is near.

Folks, President Trump could have usurped this by keeping elite people OUT OF HIS ADMINISTRATION! As I have admitted in the past I VOTED FOR HIM, but I don’t like what I see going on right now.

My new state will have walled borders, self sufficient economy, it’s own energy system, and affordable healthcare of course, this is being said tongue in cheek. BUT the elite looking to escape tells me we are near the point of armageddon and we are ALL headed for hard times in the coming years, unless you are elite.

I am not and am preparing for the worst. IT IS COMING, and you watch the majority of America will wake up one morning and say “How could this have happened?”. It happened because you allowed criminals to control everything in this country.

The only way to avoid this: Enforce laws on the books in the this country and take the elite to court and prison. They have committed crimes and not held accountable, it continues and we sit by and watch with no reaction. Pathetic.


Below is a commentary from market-ticker.org . I must say I totally agree with his points and he is right, IF this is what the replacement is for Obamacare, nothing has changed if anything it has gotten worse!

Health care insurance companies along with pharma companies are MONOPOLIES THAT NEED TO BE BROKEN UP. WE SHOULD NOT BE SLAVES TO THEIR OUTRAGEOUS PREMIUMS, OVER PRICED DRUGS and the like.

THE MONOPOLIES LEADS TO YOUR DOCTOR OVERCHARGING YOU! Your doctor appointment should cost MAX $35 BUT THEY CHARGE THE INSURANCE COMPANY $100 get $50 from them and whatever your co-payment is.

THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM FROM INSURANCE TO HOSPITAL TO DOCTOR CARE IS CORRUPT. IT IS GOING TO BANKRUPT EACH AND EVERYONE OF US. I looked at a policy on the Access Health Connecticut site last October. ITS PRICE WAS $510 per month PRICE NOW IS $854 month. That’s an extra $4128 per year. WHERE THE “F” am I supposed to get that money from? Oh I know I won’t pay my electric bill live in the dark and not have heat or air conditioning.

THE DAY IS QUICKLY approaching when most Americans will be virtually bankrupt by health insurance. A couple I know for JUST TWO PEOPLE FROM BLUE CROSS PAY $1650 PER MONTH.

The expletives I would like to drop in this missive can’t be counted. President Trump PROMISED he would repeal it with a better plan if the plan detailed in Mr. Denninger’s article is the answer HE LIED, IS NOT LOOKING OUT FOR THE AVERAGE AMERICAN and I FEAR COULD MEAN WE ARE IN FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF KICKING OUR COUNTRY’S BANKRUPTCY DOWN THE ROAD.

You can put all the pipelines in , improve infrastructure, bring jobs back BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS with NO affordable healthcare, companies will pass the cost on to employees, and individuals who purchase their own insurance are SCREWED.

I told you I would give him a year, but my patience with the resolution detailed below makes me wonder where our current President’s head is at. He still has a year but if this becomes the final answer to Obamacare nothing has changed!


(again below courtesy of market-ticker.org)

You’re Gonna Get Financially Raped

This is truly ugly stuff folks.

This is the “Obamacare” repeal and replace option that is being peddled in the Senate.

I’ve read it.

Let me summarize:

For states that wish to keep Obamacare, they can.

For states that do not wish to keep Obamacare, they can “opt out.”

The underlying “replacement” is a ROTH HSA, which is the same basic mechanism of a ROTH IRA except that spending is restricted to “authorized” health care services (including health insurance.) All other withdrawals are subject to tax (10%) penalties (much like unauthorized withdrawals from a traditional IRA.)

States that opt out can create their own standards for what constitutes a “legitimate” health insurance plan. This means that plans which are more or less-restrictive than Obamacare policies are authorized in such states and count. So if you don’t want a policy that covers pregnancy, for example, you don’t have to buy one. If you object to contraception, provided your state allows it, you can buy a policy that doesn’t cover that. And so on. Note that none of this would ban a company from offering a coverage and states could require whatever they want.

For states that opt out if you fail to maintain continuous coverage you can be penalized, including being denied entirely due to medical underwriting and it imposes a mandatory penalty (tax) to be paid to Treasury for your refusal to buy a policy if you come back in the future, even if you are healthy. If you maintain continual coverage, however, you cannot be denied nor medically underwritten. This changes the Obamacare requirement by effectively closing the “wait until get very sick, then apply” game but includes a cute “**** you” for those people who opt out, then decide to come back but are not trying to game the system by buying only when sick. In many ways this is worse than the “individual mandate” in that the penalty is on the back end and is not imposed only on those who game the system.

For states that opt out they can default you into a ROTH HSA, which may or may not obtain a subsidy. You can opt out but you will have to do so explicitly.

Subsidies are deposited directly into consumer HSAs, not to the state general funds (or otherwise) and are adjusted for local conditions (as is the case for existing PPACA subsidies, and in a very similar manner.)

Subsidies phase out for MAGI over $90,000 for individuals, and $150,000 for joint returns. Married-filing-separate has a ZERO subsidy — if you’re married, you must file joint to get subsidies. This is a large increase in subsidy phase-out income levels and means that basically anyone in a state that opts out of Obamacare will have full subsidies available up to MAGI $90k. Note that MAGI includes tax-exempt interest and similar income; this is potentially very important for those with substantial non-wage income (as is the case for Obamacare now.)

Imposes a $25,000 penalty per-instance on medical providers who attempt to bill out-of-network charges in emergency circumstances only. However, it does not bar the practice or impose any criminal penalty for this act of financial rape, which means that the effect of this provision is that you’ll still get raped and the hospital will add $25,000 to the******amount so as to pay the fine with it! If you think this means the “out of network” emergency problem will get worse YOU ARE RIGHT, IT WILL GET WORSE AND IN A VERY, VERY SEVERE WAY FOR MODEST ISSUES. $25,000 isn’t much additional screwing on a $500,000 bill. It is a very large additional screwing on a $20,000 bill! Forcing a victim to pay for his or her own screwing is not only cruel it ought to be considered a capital offense.

Allegedly “requires” providers to post prices in a way the HHS Secretary directs. However, there is no penalty for failure to do so, nor is there any penalty for refusing to honor a quoted price.

There are other technical changes, such as specifying that paying a fee for concierge care (e.g. flat fee per month for access, etc) is a legitimate HSA expense, along with specifying limitations and parameters for the ROTH HSAs (which generally appear to be reasonable.)

There is exactly zero in this bill that addresses:

The cost of medical care. Nowhere is there a penalty for failure to disclose prices or to actually bill at the claimed price. There is no requirement that “what you post as a price is what everyone pays”, there is no sanction on the provider for failure to quote a true price, to bill at the quoted price, or if they discriminate for or against any particular person. The “requirement” to post prices is a dead letter as it carries zero penalty.

For out-of-network emergencies the bill imposes a $25,000 fine on the provider if they bill materially above either Medicare or “Usual and Customary” prices. However, nothing prevents the facility from actually issuing or collecting that outrageously-escalated billing — such is not deemed an unlawful practice and is not barred, in any way restricted nor is any criminal penalty imposed. This means that the existing problem of out-of-network emergency care, say if you have a heart attack while in another state, will actually be made worse as the facility will be able to simply add the $25,000 fine to the financial assrape that they are already imposing on you. The bill also does nothing about the (very common) practice of an out-of-network person appearing in your room when you are in-network and then billing you for an out-of-network event. The “fine”, which you will be forced to pay, only applies to emergency circumstances. If you’ve been admitted and are stable and Mr. Out-of-Network Doc sticks his head in your room you’re still ****ed.

The bill does not eliminate the penalty for not having insurance. In fact it makes it worse than Obamacare in many instances. It contains no income exemptions for not having insurance (Obamacare does) and a new set of “screw you” provisions. Specifically, if you’re young, healthy and poor but making it on your own and choose to opt out of buying insurance you will pay no penalty at that time. But, if and when you decide to buy health insurance in the future you will get penalized on the back end statutorily, even if you are still healthy at the time (in other words you didn’t game the system, you just refused to buy something you didn’t need!) For people who are both healthy and in the lower income strata (think young people folks) this will be a rude surprise that will go right up their poop chute when they decide a few years down the road to get married and start a family — right about the time that buying insurance as a preventative act makes sense.

The bill is completely silent on the rank violations of existing anti-trust law found in 15 USC; specifically, Sherman, Clayton and Robinson-Patman. An earlier revision (2015) of this text at least attempted to clarify some aspects of Mccarran-Ferguson which bears on insurance companies — this one is silent on the same matter. Specifically there is nothing barring collusion between providers, price-fixing (whether overt or otherwise), differential billing based on your wealth, form of payment or for that matter whether you have red hair and other similar abuses, all of which are the very form and function of the existing medical financial rape-room circus served upon the American public.

As such this bill, proffered as a “replacement” for Obamacare, might well fit this description:

It is a Congressionally-imposed financial******room that in many ways is worse than the existing Obamacare system, and has no material positive changes evident with one exception: It increases the MAGI (substantially) that a person or couple may earn without losing their giveaway.

It does nothing to decrease costs, it contains no penalties that bar the imposition of excessive charges for out-of-network emergency services (or any other out-of-network charge which you might not be able to refuse or even know occurred until after the fact); a provider fined for trying to bill you said excessive charge can simply add that to your bill and thus force you to pay their fine, and it contains hidden back-door taxes imposed on anyone who tries to opt out of the insurance and medical scam entirely, even if they are healthy the entire time and thus did not either intend to or actually game the system.

**** you Mr. Cassidy, **** you Ms. Collins, Mrs. Capito and Mr. Isakson, **** you Mitch McConnell and the entire remaining leadership in the Senate and House and finally, **** you Donald Trump.

Oh by the way, **** you Larry Kudlow, who is once again talking “free markets” on CNBS as an “unofficial” Trump carnival barker while in fact the GOP and Donald Trump are protecting monopolists even further and screwing you even harder.

Ok Not in best of moods. I have had it!

Why have I had it? I feel like I am sitting in the back of a jet headed into Mount Everest in the back row,the pilot has passed out and all the passengers in front of me have headsets on and are watching a movie. WE ARE GOING TO CRASH INTO A FREAKIN MOUNTAIN AND THESE DING DONGS ARE WATCHING A MOVIE OBLIVIOUS TO THE PILOT PASSED AND NO ONE IS CONCERNED OR STEPPING UP GETTING INTO THE PILOT’S SEAT TO SAVE THE PLANE!

That is the majority of the American Public! Reasons why I have had it are:

-have you listened to some of the speeches that were given at the “Woman’s rally ” in Washington this weekend? Madonna wants to burn down the White House? Yeah, she has done a lot for women with her salacious, provocative videos over the years. She should be brought in and questioned about the threat. If I did so I am sure I would be.

-Ashley Judd’s speech an embarrassment to mankind. You don’t think so? Listen to it pure BS.

-Liberals just go the “F” away. Have had it with liberal media, liberal news, fake news, and your posturing on issues you know nothing about. You pick an issue and try to make it BIG, BOISTEROUS, and ACCUSATORY. Poor, poor liberals so mistreated. You just had 8 years of a do nothing President from your base and he did nothing. What can George Soros drum up next?.

-Trump did not come out swinging yesterday, suppose I am being hard on him but he has not enforced the law on monopolies to eradicate the health care problem we face. What he did yesterday was meager compared to what needs to be done. Medicare should NOT BE BLOCK GRANTED! Instead the health care and pharma companies should be disbanded and open state border competition should be allowed for healthcare. Also, doing this should drive prices down and your insurance should only cover catastrophic illness. The hospitals, doctors and like should charge what is fair and equitable based on everyday illnesses and pure costs. One’s that don’t, competition will force prices down. PERIOD. President Trump you are failing this if you do not do the above.

-Had it with people that drive like morons on the interstate and when you pass them they are on the phone, doing makeup or chowing down a Big Mac and not paying attention to what they are doing: DRIVING A VEHICLE THAT CAN KILL SOMEONE. Comforting.

-Had it with Kelly Anne Conway and the rest of the Trump minions talking about what they are going to do. START DOING IT. Again I know only in office for two days. Call me impatient. If I wanted patience I would have been a doctor……lol.

-This country is on a road to disaster and no average Joe wants to wake up and realize it. Too busy going to the package store, watching sports, Housewives of Beverly Hills. The average American just wants things fixed but wants to make NO SACRIFICE to fix it ….yeah that will work.

-Maybe it’s the weather ( I do love snow and this winter is a bigger screw job than the My Pillow!), maybe it’s the attitude of those I come in contact with, or maybe it’s me for educating myself over the years.


AHHH Thank GOD He Is President!

Is it my imagination or does breakfast taste better, the coffee taste better and the over all day looks better with what transpired yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump took control yesterday, Schumer was booed, and they yelled “lock her up” in Hillary’s face.

And all I can think of when I look at Melania is Jackie Kennedy. Elegance, grace and is due respect.

The entire family is to be respected, you could tell yesterday: close knit group, regardless of who the mother is, and that they mutually respect each other.

A new day is born, let’s see what happens with executive orders next week, I hope a lot.

He did say last night he WILL NOT stop tweeting because it circumvents the fake news cycle. Smart on his part? I am not so sure, just hope he has someone screen them so the tweets are along the lines of Presidential. But one thing is for sure Trump is Trump and he is on a mission and not changing for anyone!

Thoughts Pondered on Inauguration Day

-Can the actors like DeNiro, Cher, Baldwin, Streep, and more just leave. You support movies at the theaters you support these stooges. Maybe they should form the “Four Stooges”

-Trump is going to be Trump. Accept it. He says it like it is, doesn’t change for anyone and although President will continue to be blunt and direct. The problem: Snowflakes can’t take directness or being told true facts, they would rather deal in Peter Pan land and play with their play doh.

-I hope and pray there exists no video that Democrats are holding on to to bury Trump with after the election. I doubt there is, they would have used that during the election if they had it, but I trust no one and would not put it past them to electronically (hollywood produced) or by finding something that exists. The hunt to bury him does not end today by these charlatans. Hypocrites all of them.

-Do yourself a favor and DO NOT watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN for the news they all are planting anti Trump propaganda for FOUR YEARS, trust me on that one, wouldn’t surprise me if Obama is a consultant. FOX is legit and they are balanced.

-I lost any respect for the Democrats with the mass shunning of the inauguration by one third of their elected officials. Proves they are a disgraceful, self centered, illogical group who can not show respect for the highest elected office in the country. Again disgraceful, wonder if the Clinton’s made a little deposit to their bank accounts to not go? Put nothing past the Clinton’s they are pure evil.

-Have had it with frauds like Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O’donnell, all use their platforms to pump themselves up and voice opinions on issues they have no grass roots knowledge of. And Oprah we all fight with diet issues but we just can’t afford to gain it back and then get paid millions to endorse a company to lose it again, what a freakin joke. (Marie Osmond another one)

-Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Trump serves four years, the country turns around and then his daughter Ivanka runs, and wins to become the FIRST woman President. Hillary’s head would be spinning like in “The Exorcist”.

-Chuck Schumer is an idiot. There I said it, believe it and he has proven it enough said.

-Could Trump have put some Goldman Sachs people around him to get the inside info on how things work and once he gets the lay of the land dismisses them?

-In closing, thank GOD he won, if she had gotten elected I would have looked for a flight to Iceland, or a cave in a mountain in Vermont (Sanders would protect me lol). Let’s hope he can “Make America Great Again!”. I am giving him one solid year from state of the union to state of the union to see if he is true to his word. His actions during the first month will be telling. And trust me demonstrations from these sore losers will not stop, just ignore them, they eventually will go away like that last fly that lingers in your house during the fall.