Curt Schilling being denied Hall of Fame

You know it ceases to amaze me the hypocritical world we live in.

Curt Schilling, yes the Red Sox pitcher with the bloody sock, the right wing supporter for Trump, a man who had the State of Rhode Island lose millions on a failed business deal, is being possibly denied into the baseball Hall of Fame.

Why?  Not for the above but because he wore a tee shirt that called for “lynching journalists” AND for the fact that he collects World War II memorabilia  that includes some Nazi antiques as well.  Well pardon me for being a collector.

Mr. Schilling has done more for charity work than most professional athletes I know.  You may not agree with his political views, his outlook on life but isn’t that what freedom is all about.

What’s next, your denied because you have a stamp collection because Bugs Bunny is one of the stamps, your denied because you have a gun collection that makes you a possible murderer?  Good God people wake up!
The Hall of Fame has to do with baseball accomplishments.  This just proves how muddy the thought processes are of not just the people voting but of all of us.  We, especially in this country lump everything we hear or read about a person and come up with an opinion about said person without even knowing them.

I also think this speaks to journalism in our country, with the exception of a few , is basically non existent.  Do you think Babe Ruth was a model citizen?  In case you don’t know he was NOT!  The sheeple in the country, including journalists , believe everything a source or official tells them and does no digging for the facts.  I could go on about this for hours but you lack true facts about a story in this country unless you get off your duff and do some investigating of your own, but I digress.

Mr. Schilling should be in the Hall of Fame and this nonsense of why not just proves the demise of the non partisan journalist, and shows most journalists have an axe to grind of some kind.  Maybe their mother made them eat grits, or clean the yard or whatever but it seems that journalists in general are either teleprompter readers or just plain lazy and get a story and don’t investigate.  Lynching might be extreme but avoiding them might be in order.


Megyn Kelly To NBC THANK GOD!

It was announced today that Megyn Kelly will be moving to NBC to take on a multi dimensional role at the network, no salary was released.

Now Ms.Kelly can take her cute little smirks, shoulder twitches, winks and go somewhere else.  She has the journalistic ability of a tahitian fly and is nothing but a sexy blonde reading a teleprompter (aren’t most of them, not being sexist some ken dolls out there too!).

I find it hard to believe this woman can make near the 20 million mark when their are brain surgeons making much less.  But alas, that is America today.  Pretty face, nice voice, good following and BOOM you are a star.  Pretty weak if you ask me.

Also, with her move to NBC she will be with more of her left leaning liberals who like to spread fake news.  She will fit right in.

Her show had high ratings on FOX but I believe if you took away O’Reilly in the front and Hannity on the backside she would not have been such a huge success.  And let’s not discuss the mediocrity that CNN and MSNBC offer in that time slot.

So Megyn, goodbye, good riddance and I wonder if FOX will keep her till her new NBC job starts this summer.  If I was Mr. Murdoch she would be DONE.  One commentator on FOX recently who shows some cred and makes her point is Lisa Marie Booth.  I doubt she will get the time slot, my bet is going to Kennedy.  Time will tell.

Musing Questions on our President-elect

I have made no qualms about my support for President Elect Donald Trump. I voted for him, supported him, defended him endlessly against the liberals.

I sit here this morning on the last day of 2016 with many unanswered questions. Some of which may make you uncomfortable but some that need to be considered.

1. Why has Trump picked so many insiders of the elite, like former members of Goldman-Sachs, and other major Wall St. institutions? Is it because he wants insider info on how to clean this part of “the swamp” out OR is he catering to the elite and Bildeberg members?

2. Is Jeff Sessions going to be left alone to prosecute or is he going to be interfered with by Trump and Congress? We need an AG that takes no hostages right or left. Will Sessions have the latitude to do this?

3. Are the economic gains that have been shown since Trump got elected, like jobs being kept in this country, true or are they the results of back door political promises?

4. Is Trump willing to listen to Mike Pence with an open ear, Pence knows his way around the system and can help him immensely or is Trump going to be a rebel and go on instinct?

5. Is Trump going to stop the governments “False Flag” events or continue the farce that began with the second Bush administration? ( don’t get me going about 9-11)

6. Is he prepared to have liberals to try and stop him at every step and fight them IN PUBLIC ON CAMERA to defend to his supporters he is doing what is best for them?

7. What is he going to do about health care immediately? He should pass legislation to break up the monopolies both from an insurance and pharmaceutical perspective IMMEDIATELY! ( my gp’s rate went from $80 to $120 a visit due to Obamacare or as i refer to it Ocrimercare.)

8. Is Trump willing to expose what President Kennedy said he would expose over 50 years ago? Kennedy said:”There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose that plot” This was said seven days prior to his assassination. Isn’t that why Trump supporters wanted him elected? We are all pawns right now in a chess game that we are not playing. We just move to where they want or think we should be. ( buying power same as early 70’s with salaries much higher. Yeah say inflation but that is manipulated so you can’t afford the extras trust me. Have you seen food costs or anything else go down with the reduction in gas prices? A resounding NO!)

These are just some musings on New Year’s eve morning. I have said and continue to say he has ONE YEAR with me after that we will know if he is a swamp filler, swimmer or drainer. Unfair to judge him at this point but appropriate to question him.

Remember my favorite saying is from Einstein:
“Blind acceptance of authority is the greatest enemy of the truth”

Just because I voted for him and he has authority as of January 20th, 2017, does not mean I won’t’ question him and hold him accountable. Let’s pray there is no mysterious event before the 20th. I won’t get into details but you get my drift.

Health Care Pending Disaster!

Think our health care system works? Take a look at the attached graph. What this tells you is WE spend MORE on healthcare, over 3 trillion that’s with a “T” on healthcare and get less life expectancy results than other countries.

The entire system is broken. From the monopolies that exist illegally in the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries to the treatments that are given.

Not to mind you the blind eye most doctors turn to holistic solutions for situations that don’t have to be treated medically.

We are screwed, this can not continue, from this aspect to Medicare to everything else involved. You can not have health costs representing close to 18% of your GDP.

The crash is and will come. Medicare will not be available in 3-5 years at this rate as there will be NO funding for it. Time to act is now and with urgency. President-elect Trump I hope you plan to do so.

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